We the People, reveal to the World, our Election results and Institution of our Nation, State, City, District(Our Government)

About Us


We followed the Declaration of Independence of 1776, the U.S. Constitution of 1787, and the Bill of Rights to Institute new Government. Most of all, we followed Jesus, whos blood paid for our freedom. We had an Election, and created a full Functioning Government. 

Political Party(Polity)

We have our own national religious beliefs. We follow Jesus the Christ(Savior), Immanuel(God is with us). We have organized and created a Polity, called Revelation Party. 

News Agency

Today we are being bombarded with Propaganda and lies masquerading as news. Hitler would be pleased. It takes our attention away from what really matters. We bring news that matters and affects our lives.

We the people

We Declared Independence

The Declaration of Independence of 1776 explains when and how future generations are to Declare their Independence.

We Establiished our Constitution

The Constitution of the United States of 1787 provides the Law for future generations to adopt their Constitution. It's Article VI.

We Instituted New Government

The Nation State of C.A.H.H.R.A.E.L., established 1-1-2016. Please review our whole website to see the whole picture. It contains all necessary documents. 

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